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The most radical way to remove spyware from an Android phone is to format the internal memory, and do a hard reset of the phone. However, some of the most cunning kinds of spyware can survive even this, as they've already got into the system files.

Galaxy S7 Edge Spy App - Spy and monitor on Galaxy S7 Edge

One way of dealing with spyware is to scan your phone for viruses. There are a lot of mobile security apps both paid-for and free for the Android platform. According to test results, the most successful ones for removing modern spyware are:. Malwarebytes Security is a free app targeted at removing spyware, trojans, and other malware.

Samsung Galaxy S7 (Edge)

The audit works slightly differently: a built-in feature checks the permissions of all installed apps. It's convenient for controlling access to your camera, messages, and internet. Malware Security is among the best software for spyware removal on Androids! Download Malwarebytes.

This is a highly specialized anti-spyware detection app for Android. In fact, "Incognito" has only two functions: find a dangerous file, and then destroy it. Download Incognito.

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A virus scanner and spyware removal app for Android which hardly needs any introduction. This app doesn't have a separate feature for dealing with spyware and malware, but its background protector and standard scanning can easily detect it. As an extra bonus, in the menu you can find an option called "Secret contacts", used for storing the most important phone numbers and chats. This is protected with a password.

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Download Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus. This is another popular spyware detector for Android and other mobile platforms, which can find spy apps and detect trojans. Standard scanning finds malware and, using the removal feature, the app gets rid of it forever.

Avast constantly operates in the background, preventing your device from downloading spyware. Download Avast. Bottom line: The above mentioned antiviruses and anti-spyware apps for Android can help you to stop anyone tracking your device. All the same, the best way to protect your device is to prevent viruses in the first place.

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Avoid installing unknown programs especially ones which do not come from the Google Play unless necessary, keep your antivirus operating while you surf the Internet, and never follow links sent to you in an unknown messages. Describe your issue using our feedback form. Give us details on where the files were deleted from, when and how, and we will try to give you an answer. Besides, your question will clarify and make more complete questions by other users, which is of great help for us in making our recovery guides more helpful.

How To Recover. Everything should work fine including the screen. My phone is sending multiple text messages whenever I send one with my Samsung Galaxy S7. I was using Facebook Messenger, so I disabled that and began using the native app. Still get multiple messages. I cleared the messenger and native app caches. Still sending multiple messages. Though it appears the first message I send is fine. Everything after that is multiplied. Also, messages to group chats are not multiplied. I have deleted all of the text message threads on both apps as well.

I have restarted the phone. Still having problems. Any ideas? Solution: Hi Matthew. Keep in mind that your phone is not the sole device responsible in sending your SMS. So my phone started crashing back in April after I updated the system and now it randomly stops working. Any suggestions on getting my phone working again? Solution: Hi Erin. Can you power it on after charging it wirelessly?

If the phone does turn on after a wirelessly charging it, then you should consider changing the USB cable or the charger, or send the phone in for repair for a possible USB charging port problem. If the phone remains unresponsive after two boot attempts, contact Samsung or your carrier for more support. Ever since the Nougat update, my S7 Predictive Text predicts wrong misspelled words.

First, I have my predictive text enabled as well as my Auto Check Spelling yet it insists on making words out of the 1st letter on the keys hit. Any suggestions? Thank you. Solution: Hi Lisa. Again, predictive text needs time in order to be efficient. Give it time. For a more in-depth explanation of how predictive text works, follow this link from Lifehacker.

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My phone stopped receiving text messages after the last update. Is there anything else I can try before having to resort to a hard reset? Solution: Hi Itsabookclub. The Phone S7 Edge was getting hanged previously and the device had to be restarted several times earlier. But this time the Samsung logo just appeared halfway and the blue light is steady and no changes.

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There is slight blue and white changes in the LED light but not actually blinking. I have tried all the steps 1 to 4 but unable to restart the device. Please advice at the earliest to restart the mobile. Kindly advice the steps to do that. If the phone has become unresponsive, the first thing that you must try is soft reset. Either this or a soft reset should fix the issue.

If, for some reason, the phone continues in its present trajectory, contact Samsung for repair or replacement. My phone keeps freezing and then turning itself off. This has previously happened and the forums have helped by pressing certain buttons but the last few times it has happened, this no longer works and it only comes back on once the battery has drained.

I fully charged my device this morning but it froze again. Any advise please? Solution: Hi Louise.